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Campus cloud resources also known as c2rgroup.com (formerly c2r.ng) is been geared by an intellectual board with astute oversight and an unparalleled dedication to virtual campus initiatives focus solely on global youth empowerment and to foster a better tomorrow.


1. To help every student build a financial healthy tomorrow via (Campus Savings).

2. To economically empower students and low income earners by providing financial service in a sustainable ethical and profitable manner via (Campus Loan).

3. We envision a world where a student holds the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.


1. To make financial access to students all over the campuses of the world.

2. To connect the campuses all over the world via (Campus news, Campus V.I.P.S, Campus cloud magazine.

C2R shares mutual core value that is centered on:-

1. Excellence

2. Integrity

3. Innovativeness

4. Simplicity


1. To have a savings platform that is aimed at encouraging students to saving  money right from their day one in campus by a fixed monthly plan till they graduate.

2. C2R is not just another setup, it is designed to help both students and workers to transform their life for better and easier saving of income.

3. C2R helps individuals to save and enable them to empower themselves with their money, this means that when you need a little money for your student loan, new businesses, education and more, you can get it from C2R and pay back within a stipulated time.


1. C2R has four (4) savings plan.

    a. Cloud pro plan(500-5,500)

    b. Cloud biz plan(6000-10,500)

    c. Cloud pro biz plan(15,000-60,000)

    d. Cloud pro blaze(60,000 above)

For cloud pro plan, APMC(Amount per month charge) is 8%, i.e if your plan is cloud pro 1(#1000) , each month you want to make payment for your savings, you are require to pay (#1080). The #80 is the company's charge which includes Central bank of Nigeria(CBN) stamp duty charges, online payment platform(Paystack) charges and more.

Late payment charge for this plan is 4%, (#40). other charges for the different savings plan are listed on the campus savings page.

2. Payment on or before the required time.  

Note: not paying within the stipulated time(before 12am of every new month) attracts a late payment charge which depends on your savings plan, e.g if your plan is cloud pro 1(#1000) and you were unable to pay your savings for a particular month before a new one runs in, the company would automatically deduct (#40) from your initial total savings with the company.

3. Withdrawer and payment of savings would only be made at the complete end of your chosen duration and would be made to your registered bank details only.(i.e you can't make collection of your savings until your chosen savings duration is completed)

4. You are required to send alert to the company from your dashboard each time you make payment. (please note that a "send alert  button" is on your dashboard)


1. Fast access to loan with little interest.

2. Getting good appreciation interest on your savings per month each time the members you referred in make payment and lots more.